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Working with Chronic Illness

I also specialise in working with those with chronic illness. As a counsellor who lives with ME/CFS, my goal is to provide accessible support to those who are also navigating life whilst coping with health issues. 

The Counselling Coach

I created The Counselling Coach as a separate aspect to my counselling work as I am hoping to raise awareness for those living with conditions such as ME/CFS.

From my own personal experience I believe that I am able to understand and ‘get’ what a person living with ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia may be going through.

I can relate to feelings of grief for the life once had. I understand some of the challenges faced when dealing with the medical professions. I also know how difficult maintaining relationships can be, and how frustrated you may feel when your body seems to be working against you.  

How can Counselling help?

With counselling we can explore these feelings, you can feel safe and not judged. We can look at how to manage your mental well-being when the fatigue becomes unbearable. If you are able to, we can look at how to make small changes to improve things for you. How to take back some control over your body and your life. 

The sessions are catered for your individual needs, and there are no expectations on you having to do something. I completely understand that for many, goal setting will not be possible – and that’s okay. I work on a ‘No Shame’ policy. If we have discussed mini goals one week for example, but you have been unable to focus on any – it’s okay. I understand. There is no shame or embarrassment at all. Listening to our bodies and learning to recognise when we need to stop can really help. 

I also offer increased flexibility for those living with these conditions. Working online does help to increase accessibility. However, I recognise that things can change very quickly with health / fatigue / pain. Therefore, I believe that additional flexibility on session times is essential. 

For those who would like to understand more about living with conditions such as ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia:

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this condition, and often people are faced with several barriers.

As part of my work I provide information for other professionals, to help them understand the types of difficulties often faced.

I develop CPD courses and activities, as well as hosting online workshops. I provide resources and offer consultations so that you can enhance your understanding of life with chronic illness. This increased understanding can help you to meet the needs of those living with these conditions.

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